Referring Physicians

The Baylor Scoliosis Center emphasizes continuity of care. Patients of all ages are treated at the center, from adolescents to adults. Families whose children are treated at the center will have the same physicians care for them once they reach adulthood. This approach allows the long-term treatment plan to be implemented without interruption.
The Baylor Scoliosis Center care model makes both physician referral and patient scheduling a priority; a direct physician telephone line allows most physician referrals to be seen within 48 hours if requested.
Paperwork for the referring physician is minimized and the communication of findings takes place by telephone or by timely referral letter. The result is that the patient's anxiety, especially for pediatric referrals, is minimized.
The center is a resource for physicians and patients devoted to the most advanced treatments for spinal deformity within the framework of a patient-centered and physician-friendly atmosphere. 


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