Why Choose Baylor

Unlike other centers in the area, we are dedicated to the treatment of scoliosis. Our highly specialized scoliosis team is comprised of fellowship-trained scoliosis surgeons, cardiac anesthesiologists, and physiatrists on the medical staff who have dedicated their lives to bringing help and hope to scoliosis patients – many of whom were told nothing could be done. 

And that’s not all. We have a dedicated team of patient care coordinators, nurses, spinal cord monitoring specialists, implant specialists and patient care nurse navigators all working together to make your patient experience an exceptional one.

We work with primary care physicians across the country to educate them on rapidly advancing technology in scoliosis treatment and make them aware that even the most complex spinal deformities can be successfully treated.

Adolescent & Adult Scoliosis Treatment Options at the Baylor Scoliosis Center:

The Baylor Scoliosis Center specializes in advanced surgical options to straighten spines because of scoliosis - a common disorder of the spine. Since January 2005, the Baylor Scoliosis Center has focused on the care of adolescent and adult scoliosis patients. 

The Baylor Scoliosis Center Features Fellowship-trained Spine Surgeons:

There are relatively few scoliosis specialists in the United States, but the medical staff at Baylor Scoliosis Center features fellowship-trained scoliosis surgeons who specialize in scoliosis care and offer advanced treatment options. The scoliosis surgeons on our medical staff work with primary care physicians across the country to educate them on rapidly advancing technology in scoliosis treatment and make them more aware that scoliosis can be treated in adults.

We collaborate with numerous medical specialties on the medical staff of  Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Plano who specialize in the care of patients with complicated spinal deformities. We also have a dedicated group of patient care coordinators, nurses, including a nurse navigator, a spinal cord monitoring team and implant specialists who work with us and focus on providing quality care.

More than 3,000 Surgeries Performed on Adolescents and Adults at the Baylor Scoliosis Center

The Baylor Scoliosis Center has performed more than 3,000 scoliosis surgeries on adolescents and adults. We also offer scoliosis screening, bracing and conservative care for patients from all over the United States and throughout the world. 

Learn more about the Baylor Scoliosis Center staff and our scoliosis facilities.

So why choose Baylor Scoliosis Center?

When you choose us, you’re choosing one of the leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis. 


Recipients of Addison Readers' Choice Award 2016
Addison Readers' Choice Award 2016


Why Choose Baylor?

More than 3,000 surgeries · Nationally Recognized Leaders in Scoliosis Treatment