Testimonials by Patients

I knew my back hurt, but I didn't realize how much pain I was in until after the surgery.

Nancy Swift

I visited many medical professionals to seek treatment options and professional opinions. The Baylor Scoliosis Center gained my respect and trust.

Shelby Stanley

I am very active and enjoy life to the fullest. My family and I look back and it seems like a distant dream.

Alyssa Kirby

On my first visit, the doctor was very aggressive in diagnosing my problem.

Pam Fletcher

As a ballet dancer, I am used to analyzing my alignment and posture. One day, I noticed that one of my hips looked higher than the other and my waist indentation was bigger. I showed my mom and we went to see the doctor.

Emily Greenspan

My close friends were always very supportive of me, but there would always be people who came up and would ask, ‘What is wrong with your back?’ or point out my brace.

Allie Johnson